Is BNC OER+ Accessible?

At Barnes & Noble Education, we are committed to serving the needs of all students. Our goal is to create accessible products that help every learner, including individuals with disabilities, succeed. We strive to create accessible products that are available to all learners.

BNC OER+ takes the following steps to help ensure all students can access our solution:

  • Screen Reader
    • BNC OER+ is a web-based (HTML) application. Our technology is compatible with screen readers. Our recommended screen readers are: AWS (Internet Explorer), NVDA (Firefox), Talkback (Android phone/tablet) and Voiceover (Mac, iPhone, iPad).
  • ALT-Text
    • Where possible, our courses include ALT-TEXT for images and illustrations.
  • Videos and Closed-Captioning
    • Our videos are curated from open source contributors, and our content team makes every effort to find videos with closed-captioning. Instructors can easily replace any videos that don’t fit the needs of their students.
  • Keyboard Assistance
    • BNC OER+ makes it easy to navigate throughout the course. The tab key may be used to visit all links, buttons, and navigational elements. Our eBook also has key shortcuts to easily navigate between pages, chapters, and bookmarks.
  • Optimized User Interface
    • The user interface provides information to users through the use of styles in addition to color coding.
  • Mobility
    • The BNC OER+ student experience is optimized for mobile devices and is designed to leverage accessibility features on Android and iOS.
  • Interoperability
    • BNC OER+ has best-in-class interoperability standards including LTI and Caliper. Student can easily access their course through Single Sign On. Instructors can seamlessly sync grades to their LMS. Grades can seamlessly be reported to third party learning management systems including: Canvas, D2L, Moodle, and Blackboard.
  • Ongoing Efforts
    • Our job is not done. BNC OER+ is actively working to increase the usability of our products and services as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. We are listening to your feedback, partnering with relevant organizations and conducting research to ensure we meet existing standards and identify areas of potential concern.

Please email us at to request a copy of our VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) or to learn more.

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