Importing My Question Bank

You can import your question bank using a Word file.  This document will take you through the process of creating the file and importing it into Courseware.

Bulk Import of Questions

Within Courseware, you are able to create a Word document of quiz/exam questions and upload it directly into the question bank.  To do this, you first need to create your file you want to upload.  There is a template for you to use within the system.  I will direct you to that within this document.

To upload quiz questions in bulk, you first need to be in Edit mode.

Once in Edit mode, go to Repository > Assessments > Question Bank.

Click on ‘Import From’ on the right-hand side of the question bank and select ‘Import WORD.’

NOTE: As shown here, you can also import with a GIFT or QTI formatted file.  So, if you have one of these files from a publisher or other software package, you can important that document into our system.

When you click on Import WORD, you will receive a pop-up that will include the instructions and example of a word document.  You can download this and save it, to use in the future to build your quiz question bank for import.  This is what I was referring to at the top of this document.  It is important to use this to create your file before you upload it into the platform.

When you download this file, it will include instructions and you can use it as a guide to format your questions for import.

You will also use this screen to browse for the file and import it.  When you click on Browse, you will upload your document.

Once it is uploaded, click on Import.

You will see all the questions that have been uploaded.  At this point, you can align learning objectives to the questions or edit any of the questions. 

*** Helpful Hint: it is easier to find your questions when adding into a quiz if they are aligned to learning objectives or include a meta tag.

When you are done, click ‘OK.’

If you upload your file and there is an error, you will receive an error report, located at the bottom of the page.

If you download the error log, it will tell you what error was found when importing.  You can then fix the error and upload that question again.

Make sure you only upload the questions that had the errors again, or you will duplicate the questions that were already imported.

*** Helpful Hint:  make sure you download any error logs and make any changes or alignments to the questions before clicking on OK.

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