How do Students Pay for BNC OER+?

Students are presented with a payment screen the first time they attempt to enter the class (this entry can be either from LTI SSO or Self Registration link). The students can select “pay now” option and make the payment immediately or start with complimentary access.

When a student first enters BNC OER+, they’ll see the below screen that gives 2 options:

  1. Students can either select “Buy Now” and get redirected to their campus bookstore website where they can make the payment using all forms of payment accepted by the bookstore
  2. Students can select “Start with Complimentary Access” to get free trial access

If a student chooses to start with Complimentary Access, he/she will be able to pay for BNC OER+ later  through the Account > Payment screen.

In the Payment screen, students will find the following:

  1. A list of classes where the student is using BNC OER+ will be presented
  2. Payment status of the classes, which will be displayed as one of the following:
    • Complimentary Access (with remaining Complimentary Access days indicated)
    • Complimentary Access expired
    • Paid (with date of payment)
    • Last transaction cancelled
  3. “Pay Now” option, where a student can click and be redirected to their campus bookstore website where he/she can make the payment using all forms of payment accepted by the bookstore.

Once a student makes the payment, they’ll be redirected back to BNC OER+ where their payment status will be updated.

In the event a student does not purchase BNC OER+ before the Complimentary Access period ends, then the access of the student for that class will be revoked and he/she will always see “Buy Now” page upon login. An email will be also be sent to the student stating that access has been disabled due to non payment.

Students can get their access reinstated by purchasing BNC OER+ access.

On successful Sign in, you’ll be taken to the Learning Path of your class.

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