LoudCloud Courseware Instructor Class Copy

With our new instructor class copy feature, now you can decide when you want to create new classes. Scroll down to learn how it works!

Log into your LoudCloud account. Not sure how to get there? No problem! Email us at courseware@bnedloudcloud.com and we will be happy to resend your credentials.
Click on the LoudCloud logo at the top left to access the instructor dashboard. From there, click on the pull-down menu at the top left and select “Manage Classes”.
The Manage Classes page allows you to see all of your current and former classes. Click the double square icon in the bottom left corner of the class tile you’d like to copy.


Enter all of the class details in the form to create the class.

NOTE: In the “Class Code” field, enter the course and section number with no spaces (ie. CourseNumber-SectionNumber: BUS100-001).

Publish Class

When you are ready to publish the class, select “Publish”.

Note: you may not be able to publish your class until the BNC OER+ customer success team has confirmed your adoption details and enabled student access. You will receive an automated email when that happens, but in the meantime, you will be free to edit and prepare your class.

Don't forget!

To ensure that we are able to swiftly support you and your students throughout the semester, be sure to officially adopt BNC OER+ Courseware through your local Barnes and Noble College store. If you do not have a BNC store on campus, email courseware@bnedloudcloud.com to confirm your adoption.

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