Courseware for D2L

Set up OER+ as an LTI APP (External Tool Provider)

Step 2: Configure OER+ as a Tool Provider

Here are the details you need to provide while configuring Courseware as an LTI link:

  • Launch Point: Enter the Domain provided by LoudCloud here
  • Tool consumer information: Select the checkbox “Use customer consumer information instead of default. Note: Once this option is selected, additional options within this form become editable.
  • Enter the Secret and Key as provided by LoudCloud
  • Name: Provide a name for the learning tool. “BNC OER+” as an example
  • Description: : Provide a description for the learning tool.“Smarter Affordable OER Courseware by Barnes and Noble”, as an example
  • Contact Email: Use the email address
  • Visibility: Select the checkbox “Allow users to use this tool provider”.
  • Security Settings: This selection needs to be made in order to send information to Courseware to launch the Courseware application properly on D2L. Please select every item provided in the list.
  • Add Org Unit: : Select all applicable organization units you wish to deploy the learning tool to.
  • Select “Save and Close

Step 3: Ensure OER+ appears as a Tool Provider

The tool you just added should be visible under “Manage Tool Providers”

Test your Integration

Add a launch link in a Test Course


Step 1: Login to a test course as an instructor 

Step 2: Create New LTI Link

Step 3: Set up Test Class URL

Test and Launch

On clicking the button to launch Courseware in a new window; let the default choice of Path Launch stay selected, and click Next

When you see the “Path” screen, your integration has successfully completed! (Note that the test classes may not have any content in it)

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