Setting up BNC OER+ as an LTI APP (Global)

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ of your account

Login as an admin and navigate to the Settings tab.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Apps’ page and click on “View App Configurations”

Step 3: Click on the ‘Add App’ button on the top right

Step 4: Configure BNC OER+ as an LTI app.

Following are the details you need to provide while configuring Courseware as an LTI app:

  • Name: Enter the unique name of your application (Courseware) 

  • Consumer Key: <Will be provided by LoudCloud>

  • Shared Secret Key: <Will be provided by LoudCloud>

  • Privacy: This mode needs to be set to Public in order to send the LTI parameters from source system. 

  • Domain: <Will be provided by LoudCloud>

    • Please enter it as provided, which is the following format: (please DO NOT use https://)

Step 5: Ensure that the BNC OER+ app is available as an ‘External App’ 

3. Test the Integration

Once Courseware has been added as an App, it can be inserted into a course as an External Tool


Step 1: Login to a test course as an instructor 

This is what your faculty will also be instructed to do within their Canvas course, if they want to provide a link to their students that gives them access to all their courseware materials.

Step2: Navigate to the ‘Modules’ tab of a test course

Step 2: Add an External Tool in a Module

Step 3: Launch and test your link

After clicking the button to launch BNC OER+  in a new window, keep the default choice, “Path Launch”, selected and click “Next”

4. Deeper Integration 


The above standard LTI integration not only provides easy      access to students and faculty from their Canvas LMS, it also enables grades from BNC OER+ to be sent back to Canvas. 

Through the standard LTI method though, each student must click on each deep link that has been set up for assessment grade-sync.

BNC OER+  supports an additional, deeper API based integration with Canvas that eliminates the need for each link to be clicked by each student. With the additional API integration, once the faculty tests out each deep link that is created, students’ grades are returned once they click and access any content in BNC OER+.

In order to set this up, we request that you create a token in your Canvas LMS and share it with us so we can connect to Canvas using that token. Here are the simple steps to follow to generate the token:

Step 1: Access your settings

Step 2: Generate a token

Step 3: Copy and share the following with the Courseware Integration team

  • Your newly created token
  • Your School LMS URL/Domain


(NOTE: Canvas’ warning that access to the token is provided ONCE only, at the time of creation. Additionally, when creating the token, we recommend not giving it an expiration date, but if has been set, please share the expiration date as well)


Additional Information and Details


Here’s a link to the Canvas documentation on token creation:

BNC OER+     only uses the API call to send grades. Here are the details of  BNC OER+ usage of the API call:

Grade synch API URL(PUT request) 


parameters – {

                                                                submission[posted_grade] : scoreToSend


ScoreToSend is sent in percentage (0 to 100)


To delete grade we simply send (if an instructor deletes a grade in BNC OER+)

                submission[posted_grade] : “”


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