Basic Integration with Canvas


BNC OER+ is designed to easily integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS). The integration allows you and your students to access your course      materials from within your LMS without needing to log into the BNC OER+ platform separately. Before you set up access for BNC OER+ in your LMS course, we recommend that you decide how you plan to use your materials. Accordingly, you will have two options.

  1. Setting up an External Tool Link in your Canvas course that launches you and your students to the beginning of the materials
  2. Setting up deep links into specific courseware assessments, which will allow for grades received in BNC OER+  to return and reflect in your Canvas gradebook

This guide addresses the first. If you would like to have your grades returned into your Canvas gradebook, refer to the document “Syncing you OERplus grades with Canvas”

Requirements / Before you Begin

Before setting up an External Tool in your course, you must have the following:

Active Canvas section

You must have an active Canvas course with instructor-level privileges. 

Set up as an LTI App

In most cases, we have worked with your admin to have BNC OER+ set up as an LTI app globally on your Canvas instance. The instructions below are based on that. If that is not the case and you have permissions and need to set up BNC OER+ as an app within your course. Here is a link to Canvas documentation on setting up and LTI app in your course:

If you are setting up the app yourself, please contact us to get additional secure information.

Setting up an External Tool

STEP 1: Find your BNC OER+ class link

Your class link is located on the  “Details” page of your course:

Log into your BNC OER+ course and go to “Edit Mode” by selecting the pencil icon:

Select “Details” from the menu bar and scroll to the bottom of the page to copy your class Link (select and copy the URL if your admin has set up BNC OER+ globally as an LTI app, if not, click copy credentials which will copy to your clipboard all the values you will need to set up the LTI tool yourself in your Canvas course):

STEP 2: Navigate to the ‘Modules’ tab of your Canvas course

STEP 3: Add content item to the module

STEP 4: Add content of type ‘External Tool’ 

Add Content to the course module by selecting an external tool

This may be called/ titled differently by your campus LMS Admin


Enter the BNC OER+ Class URL that you copied as described in Step 1 above


Click Add Item

Test and Launch


On clicking the button to launch BNC OER+ in a new window; let the default choice of Path Launch stay selected, and click Next

When you see the “Path” screen, your integration has successfully completed! Students will now have access to all of the materials.

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